Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RISE WITH HONOR - self titled demo EP

Truth is that I listened to this EP before I checked any info on the band online. As this is some kind of HEAVY-ASS downtempo hardcore, I was expecting a crew of thug gorillas with tattoos on their heads and stuff, but -to my surprise- these guys are a bunch of young Christian (!) fellas who simply play some of the heaviest hardcore/metal out there. Through the years, I have observed that the most passionate and intense bands in HXC are those with the clearest beliefs, like religious and straight edge. Don't believe me? Think Path of Resistance, 108, Facedown Records, Blood & Ink Records, or so many others.
In any case, these guys are pretty damn good. I've had this sitting in my playlist for quite a while, because I didn't know what to make of it. I mean, it is SO damn heavy and extreme, like nothing I've heard lately. OK I've heard heavier bands in brutal death metal styles etc, but these guys have really carved a different & heavy-as-fuck sound as far as hardcore is concerned. It is slow for the most part, with lots and lots of double bass drumming, death/black metal vocals and a down-tuned groove that will shake your stereo until it falls off the table. I guess I could describe this like a mix between Obituary, Suffocation and Hatebreed/Born From Pain type metal-core. 

Get this, cause this young band is on the rise and you don't wanna be the last person jumping on the bandwagon when everybody else likes them :P They got a nicely different, dare I say analogue but all the while extreme hardcore sound. I think it will suit all those who are pushing the boundaries a little bit more and want to hear something new and different without it necessarily being 'progressive' and 'post'.
OK so here I will take this opportunity to say a personal view about Christianity in Hardcore (ouch) -- even religion in hardcore generally. I know that most people detest anything that is spiritual in hardcore but me as representer and main writer for Take Your Shot, I don't mind it. There are a lot of good bands and labels doing their thing and if they are Christians and they want to speak about it, they got the right. Of course I hate preaching and force-feeding as well! But why should all bands only sing  about Unity, fake friendships, corrupt governments, the scene etc? Hardcore is supposed to be (and truly is for the most part) an open-minded scene, we've allowed a lot of stuff in and freedom of speech, to reach the point of criticizing religious or whatever bands in 2010??? It doesn't really make sense. If you don't like the spiritual lesson, then just listen to these bands for the music if they are good. There is a high level of integrity and realness in this type hardcore, and some of the bands and label owners who are Christian, are some of the coolest people out there and proper hardcore dudes. So don't be so hard on 'em! (again, I say, this is a personal opinion--thanks & peace out! Fotis-TYS)

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