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Huge Post for Yall: Eternal Hated - 'Secrets' CD Review, Video and Interview!!!

I've  only seen Eternal Hated play onstage once, but is sure was enough to get hooked on these guys' energetic, youthful and chiller-than-most approach to modern metalcore. Yep--these guys play good music and leave the fake-ass attitude aside (the way it should be done!). In this special-edition interview post, you'll learn all about 'em.

So after checking Eternal Hated live and having heard some of their stuff on myspace, the next logical step was to go straight to the WAK merch stall and get their debut CD, Secrets. Well, this is proper metalcore, but not metalcore as you may imagine. These guys take the 'NWOAM' (New Wave of American Metalcore-ha!) of bands like As I Laying Dying and Evergreen Terrace and give it their own signature. So as you understand, they leave the beatdown thuggery aside and play some more technical stuff.

The sound is based on great and cleverly written riffs, which set the tone for fast tempos, metallic breakdowns and some clean vox. Clean vox? Yes, but properly done--not so much commercial sounding (like say, Bleeding Through and Eighteen Visions) but intelligent, maybe even progressive. 

Eternal Hated: extremely young, but with ballz :)

Eternal Hated also has a very good production on this first CD of theirs. It is as strong and clean as any American pro band out there, and for me this is a true achievement for the whole Greek scene which has a tradition in shit productions. A bit of extra money and time in the studio pays off big time in the end! After all, what's the use of having an ace drummer (like these guys do) when the fella can't be heard?

I also want to make an extra mention in relation to the singing. If I get it right, the clean vox discussed above are done by the guitar player, but all the harsh vox which also are the majority of the record are done by Chino. This guy is a totally different story; he gives the band the extra boost it needs to really stand out. His vocals are strong and extreme as fuck, while on the other hand his stage presence makes you think the kid was born to do this! It is important when a band has a real frontman, a guy who can mosh and sing and even crack a joke or speak with the crowd. 

So these guys are bringing it on, and I think that they have a great future in front of them because they're hard-working but they have fun while doing it. They got a small UK tour coming up and a great record to spread out. But why should I bore you with my rambling? These guys are speaking it out for themselves in the following video and in the short interview we did!

1. Tell us a few things about the recording. Where did you record and how long did it take? Did you enjoy the process?
We recorded at Fabric Studios in Larissa starting on July of 2009 and ending on September. During the recordings we had the best time ever with George from Fabric Studios. He’s a great guy and he made us feel very comfortable and we built a great friendship. It was the second time that we recorded, but the experience was unique recording a full-length album in such a cool studio.

2. Would you say your music is more influenced by hardcore or metal? What are your favourite bands?
We think it’s a «fair» mix of metal and hardcore. The good thing in Eternal Hated is that every person listens to different kinds of music and loves different bands, so everyone puts his own view in the music that we finally make. Our favourite bands we’d say are As I Lay Dying, Evergreen Terrace, Converge, Parkway Drive, and more. 

3. As young fellas in a band, what are the things that you've seen and disliked in the 'scene'? Are the older scene dudes positive towards you?
Well we’ve been around the ‘scene’ for about 3 years. We’ve seen good things and bad things. The thing is that kids in the scene don’t give the support that new bands need to be pushed forward, to make a next step. Also the bands don’t support each other very much as they see it like a huge competition, something that it clearly is not. We think that older dudes who grew up in the 90’s respect more the scene and are positive towards many bands whether they play metalcore, hardcore or whatever, and that’s the point, we are all in the same scene no matter the clothes or the hair. So move your asses and do something, support the scene by any way!

4. Tell us a few things about WAK, the label, and the upcoming mini-tour in the UK. Will you eat fish and chips and drink Carling or something?
WAK the label, hehe. Apostolis is a very cool guy who has been helping us since forever. We owe him a lot and it’s an honor for us to have our first album released by a Friend’s label. About the mini-tour in the UK, we’re still trying to get it done. We want to put 3-4 shows in London, Cambridge and around this area on early October. Maybe we’ll eat fish and chips and drink Carling or other traditional English beers, but for sure our bassist player won’t. He’s vegetarian and also straight edge,hehe.

5. How are people receiving 'Secrets' so far? Do you have any cool merch to accompany it? What are your future plans for Eternal Hated? 
Firstly, we’d like to say that we are very pleased with this record and with the positive feedback that we get from people about the album. We receive a lot of good and supportive words and comments from kids and we are very proud and thankful to know that there are people who listen to our album at home. We have a cool t-shirt which is almost sold out and 2 nice pins. And also in very cool prices too, hehe. Our future plans are to play as many shows as we can, get sweaty on stage, have the best times ever with friends at shows, make new friends, spread our music and message, get the UK mini-tour done and schedule maybe another tour in Europe during the 2011. Fotis, thanks a lot for the great opportunity that you give us with this interview. Support your local scene, bands ,fanzines and of course take your fucking shot!
I told you these guys bring the ruckus!

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