Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FRESH TRASH- 'La Jungla' album review

Ohhh yeah--it's time to move yer lazy ass!

Fresh Trash is a hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain that is ready to rock your summer with some kick-ass grooves and a high-energy, fun take on hardcore! 
To make things clear and simple, Fresh Trash don't sound metal at all (as you can probably guess from the cover art - heh), because they play a form of punky rockin hardcore which to me sounds like a crossover between California 80s hardcore (i.e. Insted, Uniform Choice) and some more trashy stuff like Ill Repute, Circle Jerks, even early Suicidal Tendencies. Add to that a serious pinch of unadulterated rock 'n' roll and you got the Fresh Trash cocktail!
A bit of background info on Fresh Trash is that they used to be Vicious Circle and this is their first release as Fresh Trash (15 songs, half sung in Spanish, half sung in English). It is out on Sell Our Souls Records, a label that specializes in messy/fast hardcore so you know this is the real deal! In the same vein of Vicious Circle's serious lyrics (i.e. If you don't like pizza, fuck you),  Fresh Trash sing about simple things we can all understand, like living close to the big city (La Jungla De Neon), bad habits (Weed & Paranoia, or Kids, Fools & Drunks) and some classic punk territory (You Don't Know Yourself, Right Or Wrong). As I said, they come from a beach town in Barcelona, so it's totally logical to have this lighthearted, 'we don't care' attitude. Maybe more of us should be like that!
All I can say is I love this all-out approach! If you like songs about food and happiness and like to take your stereo at the beach and disturb the trendies with some loud hardcore, then this is your record! As for me, fast energetic hardcore and cold coffee fuels me to the max! 

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