Sunday, July 18, 2010

FOREVER YOUNG "The Guarantee" CD Review

So it's summer and everyone is relaxing, but not us! We got a heap of albums, demos, DVDs etc that need to be reviewed, so now seems to be a good time to do so (what with the lack of shows, not many news etc-at least here in Athens Greece). And not to forget our new issue is almost ready to hit the streets. But we'll let you know on that...
Here we got Forever Young, a superb Swedish sXe band,  and you know what's up with Swedish mucisians, right? They tend to have some sort of Midas touch. We could say that when it comes to music, everything they touch turns to gold. And this is the case with xFYx. They've made a fast and energetic hardcore album, a straight up mosher, which draws influences from both older youth crew as well as moshy hardcore with some newer influences. These guys don't play metal, but they do use a lot of beat-downs and double bass drumming all the way through this 13-minute album (that's right--10 songs in 13 min!). Top that with youthful angry vocals, gang shout-alongs and positive vegan straight edge lyrics and you get the picture about Forever Young. 
I love this shit; these guys open the album proclaiming 'a new generation of in your face positive  aggression hardcore' and this is exactly what they do. They got a youthful angry feel, but they are positive and I for one totally dig this approach of theirs. What could be better than delivering a positive message in an intense way? These guys sing about straight edge and they sing about veganism. I think it's totally rad to have huge breakdowns with shouted parts that say "go vegan, or go home"... In my book, this is called grooving for a good cause, even though some people take lyrics like these too seriously.

This CD (which I think has been released sometime in '09) also has a very neat packaging. It is kinda simple, but also really cool. It is a digipack case with the lyrics printed on it on very new school minimalist colors ( black, purple and green). The disc itself has a picture of a hand being tattooed with an X. Fuck! Get this, or go for the 7" version, or even check them on the notorious International Youth Crew Hardcore Compilation. And have fun!

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