Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Clean Fun The Movie

I guess you know you're obsessed with what you do, when you wake up waaay early before work just to drink coffee and do a ridiculous amount of 'cut and paste' work for your zine. When this is combined with  having listened to Good Clean Fun's Between Christian Rock and a Hard Place like 3 times in a row before it's even noon, you know something's wrong :P

Anyways, speaking of Good Clean Fun, you know they got a movie out now, right? Mr. Issa,  GCF singer, positive straight edge ambassador, Washington OG scenester and now movie director, is responsible for this. And while I'm not so sure about the contents of this, erm..., romantic comedy, (!?) you should  definitely check out the trailer below to see all these people from the hardcore scene giving funny comments about  GCF and the movie, like Karl from Earth Crisis and Porcell (Youth of Today/Shelter etc): 

Now what I'd really like to see, is a new Good Clean fun record. I guess we're just gonna have to wait for that, but when it happens, I expect nothing less than another energetic positive hardcore masterpiece!

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