Monday, July 26, 2010

Thin Ice - 'Revelation Through Tribulation' EP Review

Thin Ice... a band NOT to be confused with UK's dirty oldschool hc outfit On Thin Ice. These guys are from Texas and play heavy hardcore like Terror, with a bit more of a 90s straight edge touch.
Yes... these guys are pretty damn  heavy. They got the double bass drum on full effect, while the bass is distorted and higher in the mix than you usually hear from hardcore bands. You can hear it clanging in the background mercilessly, which for me (with the bass being my main instrument) is just perfect!

Another thing you should know about this band is that they are really young (all in school) and straight up hardcore Christians. They are really outspoken too, they even state state that their intention as a band is simply to show God's love and play hardcore music (from an interview on the website HXC Christian). As I've said before, I believe that at the end of the day in the hardcore scene it is way more revolutionary to say you believe in God, because the norm is to be an atheist or whatever. So respect to these guys for standing by their beliefs!

In any way, Thin Ice have been pretty hard at work, having played many shows with established bands like labelmates Venia, Donnybrook, Shai Hulud and many others! I believe that they have some pretty good ideas in their songs, they are not at all generic (which is awesome in a genre which is so saturated), good musicians, and they can surely stand aside from the pack of heavy hardcore bands. And to think this is only their 1st EP, recorded in a home studio! 

Yeah... it seems that hardcore kids like these in Thin Ice, with solid beliefs and strong mindsets, are able to shape their lives the way they want and direct their energy into creative activities. I mean these kids here are all the way into the hardcore scene with home studios, live shows, record deals, side-projects and everything! In fact, they got another band called Goldmill, which is a more progressive yet extreme hardcore side-project... and I know very well that you people out there (especially here in Greece) just love your progressive discordant hardcore so go and check 'em out!

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