Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just mosh

Guys, we got a reason to be pissed. In the midst of all these huge summer festivals, where the promoters are cramming bands with extremely irrelevant styles on the same bill for outrageous prices, there is not a single hardcore show until August 28th (which is my b-day btw). It really sucks. The mainstream has drowned everything. All we hardcore kids can do is listen to our CDs and watch videos online (I'm personally checking 'Inside Straight Edge'-awesome!). Or if we're lucky and can afford it we can go abroad and watch some proper hardcore fests. Otherwise, it's just metal, hair rock and whatever mainstream BS, or washed up 'legends' in their 50s... (that said, I'm still going to see Bad Religion-that's an exception though!).

Well, I have one alternative to the lack of shows in my mind... save money to get some tattoos done right after the summer... start a band... And MOSH TO THIS:

YOUR DEMISE - The Blood Stays On The Blade

Hell yeah... this is some real shit!  And to think these guys are considered almost mainstream in the UK where they are from, playing big festivals with other real hardcore bands... Oh well, what can we do! 

Fast hardcore with awesome breakdowns is the soundtrack to this summer here at Take Your Shot. Thanks for keeping on reading!

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