Friday, October 7, 2011

Record Review: IRONWILL - "Unturned" (Blood & Ink Records)

IRONWILL is an awesome, spirit-filled band on Blood & Ink Records and their new record Unturned is a piece of emotive hardcore which is so sincere and deep that it will go down well with fans of metal, hardcore and punk alike.

The thing with Unturned is that, albeit a solid hardcore record, its sounds create a heavy-thinking and melancholic atmosphere every time you put it on. It is so nice to have a band that can create feelings and convey unspoken messages through their music, and IRONWILL does that very well. They use thick guitar layers and superb hardcore drum patterns to create a very solid base for the singer to come in and scream his lungs out about all kinds of personal and philosophical matters.

I'd go so far to say that in way IRONWILL is for hardcore music what NEUROSIS and ISIS are for metal; that is, the more weird, dark and introspective side of the spectrum. In addition, all the hardcore on this record has been layered with some extra guitar work that borrows equal elements from metal, rock and even guitar-pop. It may sound weird, but the music is so solid that the extra guitars only elevate it to an even higher level.

Unturned is a strangely unique record and in a way, it will take its toll on you. After a few listens, these hardcore songs start to creep in and become more personal, and might even give you a sense of loss, regret and whatnot. So I'd say that this record is more hardcore than hardcore, even if it is filled with melodies and crazy build ups that are not so common in today's narrow confines of hardcore.

UPs: Genre-defying guitar work, super-powerful drumming, intricate song structures
DOWNs: Not suitable for when you're already feeling like shit/hurt/whatever
Lowdown: Powerful and emotive hardcore with great musicianship and totally fresh ideas while staying true to hardcore

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