Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dalmiro Tattoos - Religion Kills

Dalmiro Tattoos is the work of Dalmiro Dalmont, an impressive and diverse tattoo artist who specializes in full color traditional Japanese style as well as old school / Americana tattoos (or a mix of both). He does mostly large scale work with incredible, eye-catching detail and color. You can check out his awesome work here and see more of his truly inspiring skin art.

The image above is one of Dalmiro's newest creations, with the dark yet awesome title "Religion Kills". An art critic am I not, but I can understand that the pain caused by imposed religion over the course of mankind still lives in the hearts of people. From what I've seen in my time documenting hardcore and tattoos, many people who live and create within alternative cultures have the urge to express their hate towards religion. At the same time, in a world of crisis we frequently witness other people's strong urge to go back to those old values. So do we need religion, or not? The answer, like always, is only personal.

Image used by permission of the artist

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