Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News: SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (Metalsucks interview, new Cyco Miko record & more)

Old school thrash/hardcore legends SUICIDAL TENDENCIES seem to be at full force after the long hiatus which lasted during most of the 00s. Their 2010  comeback record No Mercy Fool! The Suicidal Family is still fresh as ST plays short tours and one-off shows sponsored by skateboard company, Vans. Moreover, Mike Muir aka Cyco Miko (S.T.'s singer and certified nut) is releasing a new personal album, which we'll make sure to review here very very soon.

For more info on Suicidal in 2011, check this cool interview on Metalsucks. It's a long and detailed interview which provides a lot of insight on this crazy but charismatic musician's life, mind and attitude. Finally, don't forget to click below and see the new video for the re-recorded super thrash classic "I Feel Your Pain" which has just been released! 2011 reallys seems to be "year of the Cyco", as ST themselves put it!

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