Thursday, October 13, 2011

News: Sheer Terror new album "Spite"

Sheer Terror is one of the most classic - and most underrated - bands when it comes to NYHC/punk. They are also one of the first bands to incorporate heavy vocals in hardcore and bring a distinct heavy metal element in punk rock and hardcore in general. They've had a somewhat notorious fame in hardcore, mainly due to their anti-positive, hateful approach to, well... everything!

photo by Jammi York, from Sheer Terror's FB page
After many years of laying low, Sheer Terror strikes again in 2011 with a new album on up and rising Reaper Records (home for Madball and Terror amongst others). On this brand new album with the apt title Spite, Sheer Terror deliver a bunch of their trademark, pissed off hardcore blasts; however, there are also some mid-tempo, streetcore/punk rock anthems that will have your working class pride rising up like it ain't no thing. The song "Salome" (which you can check out below) is an example of the above.

Opting for some old school punk rock is not such a strange move for a band like Sheer Terror. These guys have been quiet for quite a while and now that they're back, they take the chance to show their roots instead of just making another strictly 'old school hardcore' record to please the fans.

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