Saturday, October 1, 2011

Featured Band: LIONHEART - Brother's Keeper

LIONHEART is an awesome metallic hardcore band in the vein of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, HOODS etc. The band hails from Northern California and specializes at delivering the best in brutal, ultra-angry hardcore. Their new record on Mediaskare Records hits hard and will go down nice with all fans of heavy hardcore.

Before some people dismiss LIONHEART as another 'macho' or 'tough guy' band, I would like to mention just one thing. If you notice the title of the song, it says 'Brother's Keeper'; the song's lyrics are about brotherhood and watching out for your friends. Therefore - and because I know that many HC kids out there are quick to judge - please check your shit and actually check out a band for what it's worth and what they sing before going off on one.

Just because these dudes are built like brick shithouses and they're and angry as fuck, it doesn't mean that they aren't down with what hardcore is all about.

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