Tuesday, May 17, 2011


To those unfamiliar with skateboarding, Paul Rodriguez is an awesome pro skater from the US. We chose to feature him on this blog cause he is down with positive thinking and this seems to create big results for him at skate competitions or elsewehere! Rodriguez is just another example which shows that skills combined with positive energy can get you anywhere you want in this world. Enjoy and take to heart some wise words by the man himself from a recent interview!!

  • "If you wanna win, you have to be able to give yourself the chance to believe that you can win."
  • "I always come to contests attempting to win. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother coming."
  • "I’m not gonna just go to a contest just to go for no reason. I go in there with the mindstate of I can win this."
  • "I always believe in myself and I always know that I have the ability to win."
  • "When you know you can do something but you’re just not doing it, it’s usually all cause you’re thinking about it too much."
  • "There’s never a time I don’t want to do well."
  • "You always want to win no matter what. Even on the days that you’re not skating as good as you’d like to be. You always want it, you always are trying for it. Sometimes it just doesn’t show as well."

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