Monday, May 16, 2011

Descendents Vans - A Shoe Punx Want to Own

Now we've never encouraged people to become blind consuming machines; we - just like you - are definitely against the capitalist system and the useless crap it brainwashes us into buying. Hell, we try to spend as little of our money as possible in our daily lives, trying to save it for stuff that is actually worth buying (like vegan food, gas money for shows, cool punk music & gear). But every now and then, even the most anti-consumerist punk indulges a bit on him/herself. Which brings us to this awesome Descendents edition Vans shoe. As summer approaches and you don't want to wear those old skate shoes no more, this is what you should be looking for; old-school Vans with Milo's face imprinted all over.

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