Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Acacia Strain - The Hills Have Eyes (Video)

OK! So we had quite a bit of punk rock, pop punk, whatever the last few days; now it's time to get real and tune in to some crazy-ass, perfectly exectuted downtuned deathcore. Or actually it should be death CORE cause TAS are one of the few deathcore bands who actually draw from hardcore as an influence. There are not many bands who can do this style better than The Acacia Strain. This video has made the rounds quite a bit but it is pretty funny and it is full of mosh so there you have it (let alone these guys are pretty much unknown here in Greece - no shit!). And if this is too metal for you, go find Cockpunch 'Attack' (awesome straight edge hardcore with TAS members). Enjoy you fuckers!

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