Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jack Terricloth (World/Inferno Friendship Society) Speaks on TYS!

Hey everybody, my name is Jack Terricloth. I sing and am occasionally forced to play various  instruments in the popular World/Inferno Friendship Society, a gang of musical girls and boys (mostly girls at the moment actually) from Brooklyn NY! I’m here today to answer questions posed from someone I’ve never met from somewhere I’ve never been; Greece! Let’s see what he wants to know!

- Can you tell us a few things about the recording of the new album “The Anarchy and The Ecstasy”?
Sure my friendly unknown interlocutor!  We Recorded our 13th offering here in Brooklyn at Vibromonk Studios with producer Dan Shatzky who is well known for his work with many well known or at least well regarded acts, many of whom straddle the world music/rock line.  I’d list them for you but I really don’t like other bands.  They muddy up the market share and steal my musicians.  Plus I don’t want you to think that I think you are a lazy journalist and wouldn’t Google the man yourself such is my respect for your profession.  For any of our shared listeners in the know- it is also the same studio we recorded our 2nd album ‘Just the Best Party’ ten years ago.

- What are your main musical influences?
The desire to swing, swing freely and quickly, with really loud drums and a piano skiing down a high alpine slope, with a horn section on top of the piano, chasing a remarkably good looking pair of singers who are holding hands and kicking 2 electric guitars in front of them, and the guitars are feeding back . . .

- What is special about the new album so that people have to hear it?
Ok if that’s not enough, it’s a really talented drummer, a baby grand piano, it’s the Matterhorn, the horn section are all people you would know if you googled them, the two singers are making out and I stole the guitars.

- How would you describe your sound?

- You incorporate a lot of anarchy talk into WIFS.
I just gotta be me.

- What does anarchy mean to you today?
That it’s Sunday and I’m drinking in a bar doing an interview.

- And how does it translate into everyday life in the big city (or elsewhere)?
Oh that. OK, that you examine your situation, decide what is the fairest thing to do for yourself, your community that will cause the least amount of hurt or sorrow then act on it. To not be constrained by so called common sense. Believe the impossible can come true. Never give up the joke, never fall down the stairs.  Give a Hobo a quarter if you have one.

- How is working with Chunskaah?
Working with Chunksaah is like going to a Bad Brains show with the sexy substitute teacher when you are 17 and all your friends seeing you at the show with her.

- What business advice do you have to give to kids trying to become musicians on their own terms?
Don’t wait! Don’t wait for a label or a manager or anyone to tell you are good! Get your stuff out there anyway you can! No one is going to do it for you and most people will want to stop you.  Also, there is no point starting if you don’t love the whole process- touring, recording, rehearsing.  If you want to make money it would probably take less effort to become a dentist.

- Do you tour a lot?
We tour about 6 months a year, though we did take last year off to record “The Anarchy and The Ecstasy”.  We are back on the tour cycle right now.

- What are the things you hate / love about touring?
I love touring.  It is where I get to do everyday the thing I excel at.  I don’t even mind the bus- at least I’m suffering for a purpose.  ‘We share everything’ a friend of mine once wrote me about a tour she was on, ‘the sickness, the filth and the drugs’. It is like being in the perfect army in a just and kind war.

- Do you have any plans for touring Europe at any point?
Yes we do, middle of July through end of August. do not think we are getting to Greece sadly but there is still time.  How you guys doing over there anyway? Heard a lot about riots over in the states.

- What are your creative plans individually and musically for the remaining of 2011?
Like I said, on tour forever.  Doing some solo shows during the brief period we are home.  Not losing my apartment would be cool-you’d be surprised how creative I need to get about that. In my negligible free time I’m working on a second novel (yes, I wrote a first one. Why not look at ?)

- What is the message you are trying to convey with your career as an artist?
Act on impulse, don’t be cowed, don’t quit.

- I would like for you to choose a topic that you feel strongly about and tell us a few things about it. It can be music, scene, social or whatever else related! Thanks for the interview and like we said, the last words are yours.
I don’t mean this to be a cop out but you choose the topic when you invited me to talk about The World/Inferno Friendship Society. Thank you for the interest and the opportunity.
A note from the editor: Thanks to Talia for this interview, thanks to Jack for his time and awesome answers, thanks to you for reading this. Pics stolen from all over the web, if you happen to be the owner and want your name mentioned or something, then let us know! You can check the TYS review for WIFS's latest album here.

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