Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DINOSAUR JR - New Stuff ('Over It' Video)

Ahhh... Sweet Dinosaur Jr reunion. This is one of the few cases that I am actually happy to see an old band reunite. Cause Dinosaur Jr and J Mascis (vocals/guitar) are no ordinary case. This uncounsiously eccentric band, which started as an obscure hardcore outfit evolved into one of the biggest alternative rock bands (though they're still punk rock to me) of our times. They have the perfect melodies that stick in your head, they have years upon years of history on their back, they have the long-haired straight edge weirdo frontman; what else do you want? Dinosaur Jr along with Husker Du must be the two most underrated albeit influential bands in mid tempo, mellow punk rock music. Dig!

This is such a cool video... The skateboarding and bmx thing is obviously a joke! A parody of the punk loves skateboarding story, so predictable and common in punk. And the song is simply awesome. Enjoy Dinosaur Jr coolness!!!

p.s. Dedicated to Luke.

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