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A while ago we did a review for Maine's awesome pop punk/hardcore band Truth of My Youth. Just really amazing modern sounds in the vein of Title Fight, Daggermouth, Wonder Years etc. After getting in touch with these guys we decided to do an interview and have a quick chat about this new band, their influences and their plans for the future. Look out for these guys... their could be your next favorite band!

TYS: So... Why "Truth Of My Youth"? Are you big New Found Glory fans? Tell us some things about how the band got together, how long you've been around etc.
PAT: We all love New Found Glory, They're Probably the biggest influence on us. We had trouble with our name and one of us looked on the back of the Catalyst record and loved the name. We have only been together since last september when my old band broke up and Sam and Ian's band had stopped playing. We have have had a couple line up changes since then. The line up now is me on vocals, Sam and Connor on Guitar, Ian on bass and Alex on Drums.

TYS: What are your main influences? It is interesting to hear about it, cause you already have a very personal sound on your 1st EP. If you had to strip things down, would you say you are a punk rock or a hardcore band?
SAM: Truth takes influences from a lot of places, there's a lot of pop punk in there but we all also took a lot from punk and hardcore bands. I'd say our main our main influences are bands like New Found Glory, Blink-182, Boxcar Racer, Lifetime and the Descendents. We all also love Title Fight. If it came down to the two I'd probably like to think we were a punk band.

TYS: Since you say Blink is a big influence, are you more into the early comedy stuff or the later "serious" side of the band?
IAN: Blink is Blink, everything from the early stuff to the last self titled album. Its all gold.

TYS: Can you tell us some things about TOMY's lyrics? Could you pick your favorite lyric from the whole EP and explain it to us plz?
PAT: Most of all the TOMY lyrics have a common theme of looking back on the mistakes you have done or gone through and wish how you chould change them or done things different. My favorite line is a tie between "For now my chin is up and I'm never losing hope" and "I hope my friends don't go through what i do, I hope they don't live like i do". One song is about how I dated thsi girl and she lead me on and it really took me a long time to get over it and i finally fell over it. Another is seeing my bestfriend going through financial problems, I have seen some as well but it killed me to see him go through it.

TYS: What are your aspirations in this band and as musicians? Do you wish to do it full time at some point, or are you the kind of people who see it as a hobby in order to keep it pure?
CONNOR: I think I would say our aspirations as a band comes from our love of pop punk and hardcore and our want to make some of our own. As for full time or part time I think we are all taking it as it comes to us and giving the time we need to to be successful. Our music will always be pure because it will be what we think is quality pop punk and that's what matters to us

TYS: What's living in Maine, Portland like? Is there a nice scene there? Are there things to do for punkrock and HC kids? What is good about Maine that the world should know of?
IAN: Living in Maine is all in all a good time.The cold winters get pretty old, but its really not a big deal. As far as stuff to do for kids like us there are some pretty fun shows set up around the area. Skateboarding is always happening as well. One thing about maine is that its the place where the Pop-Punk is happening.

TYS: What are some other things you love and some things you hate about Maine other than music?
PAT: I don"t really know if i hate much about maine but the cold does annoying at times but theirs always something to do year round. Sledding in the winter, hiking in the spring and fall and soo many water holes in the summer. I love living in Maine.

TYS: Would you say there is a lack of bands who play passionately and sincerely (like you) these days? If yes, why? How do you see the future of HC/punk? Do you think you'll still be into it when you're 30?
SAM: Not at all, I feel like that's what the genre is all about. I think that punk and hardcore will always be around, it'll go through changes but i think theres enough people who care about it enough to keep it going for a long time. And i sure hope so, i hope we all are but i don't really look that far ahead.

TYS: OK so now, you'll give the 1st thoughts that come to mind in relation to the following:

Heavy Metal: Slayer 666
Lifetime (the band): A band that everyone should love
Skateboarding: One of the most fun things you could do in your life 
Husker Du: Green Day did a killer cover 
Graffiti: 90s skateboard videos
Straight Edge: Pat
Blink 182: The best band I have ever and possibly will ever hear. The roots of our tree 
Favorite 80s hc/punk band: The Descendents
Favorite junk food: Pizza if that counts? Or gummy bears!
Best punk guitarist: Tim Armstrong/Frank Navetta
Horror films: Dead Alive,Leprechaun In The Hood,
Ramones vs. Sex Pistols: Ramones
Minor Threat vs. Black Flag: Fuckin Black Flag
Black Sabbath vs. Iron Maiden: Sabbath is heavy as balls but Maiden has zombies.... Gotta tie them

TYS: Do you ever drive outside Maine for gigs (or is Maine as big as Europe or something)?
SAM: Nah, so far only shows in state, were hoping to start playing out of state more as soon as we can.

TYS: In closing, plz describe TOMY with just 3 words to someone who's never heard of you before and eyes your CD at a show. Add anything else you want about the band, give your shout outs etc. Thank you very much!
CONNOR: Were a band that is all about having a good time playing the music we love for people who wanna listen. We have roots in different genres which can be appealing to many parties.

We'd like to give a shout out to our boys in Steiner Street, Backround, Let It Go, Broadside, and many others!

As for the three words, "Maine pop punk"

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