Sunday, April 3, 2011

XIt Never HappenedX - "This Is My FXXcking Answer" EP Review (2011)

Another outcome of China becoming a leading force in the political and economic world today is the constant export of new hardcore bands who play music with all the enthusiasm and power that European and US bands sometimes lack. It's obvious if you think about it: for Chinese people hardcore is something  relatively new and fresh and there hasn't been enough time for it to become weak and jaded.

An example of the above is XIt Never HappenedX (better known as XINHX), a band that plays brutal straight edge moshcore with full-on power and intensity. Their style is pretty straightforward and simple, like early Hatebreed or to narrow it down to staight edge bands and be more specific, bands like Throwdown, Barcadia and the 7th Dagger stuff. Even if this is eseentially negative music, it is so pwerful that it becomes positive!

Although XINHX play straight on mosh/2-step which as form is overplayed nowadays, they manage to do it well and pack their sound with tons of energy and anger, let alone huge breaks and  punishing, all around kickass drumming. They are pretty oldschool for this style too, if you think that most moshy bands nowadays add noise, melodic, Swedish metal etc etc elements. No! Here all you get is groovy  brutal hardcore with some oldschool NYHC elements. The last song also includes some rapping in Chinese and it's a must-hear, baby!

The production is huge, their edge is fresh, the outcome is you wanting to put your cap backwards and headbutt somebody, so you know it's all good! Chinese straight edge all the way from Beijing!


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