Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wow! I am always happy when I receive something from Indonesian punks Nervous Breakdown, cause they always keep it fresh and I really don't know what to expect other than it will be good. These fellas have a great musical background to choose from and they find it easy to surprise the unexpecting listener. Every EP and release is different, but at least it is good and it maintains the character of loose, raw punk. For some of the band's previous releases reviewed on TYS, check here.

This time Nervous Breakdown are celebrating 5 years of existence, so they chose to give us a single track of warm-hearted, tuneful, alternative pop punk. "This Band Could Be Your Life" is just a happy song which will make you think of summer even on your worst, most cloudy day. And this is something essential in a scene that is filled with negativity and hate. Every now and then it's nice to loosen up and chill and listen to something like this. The production sound is perfect and the whole outcome just overflows with the cool and mellow vibe that Indonesian culture has. Awesome, dude! This song just takes you to another world, time, whatever.

I am just waiting the next move from Nervous Breakdown. I am really curious to see what that will be.

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