Friday, April 1, 2011

7th Dagger Interview from Straight Edge Lifestyle

One thing I have always liked is people who dare to voice their opinions and tell it like it is without fear of criticism! One of those people is Danny, owner of straight edge record label Seventh Dagger. Dude has managed to turn a small time clothing company into a fully fledged record label, not to mention he still totally upholds the same X values and outspoken tactics. 7th Dagger has played an important part in maintaing straight edge and pushing heavy hardcore to new levels and we owe it a lot for that (as well as for many awesome releases).

I recently read an awesome, in-depth 7th Dagger interview on this awesome British edge website, where Danny speaks on all matters hardcore, straight edge and business/label-wise. Somehow I was pleasantly surprised to see that he doesn't play the old 'respect the legends' cliche. He says some not so positive things about all those bands who are considered untouched and up there. It makes us think twice if we should indeed keep replaying those same old motives. Read on:
"I was 15 when I first found out about straightedge.  I was a total metal kid and I loved hip hop of the time and my friend who was a skinhead played Minor Threat for me.  I thought to myself  "jesus that sounds awful" haha  and I still feel that way to this day.  I hated all of those early straightedge bands musically (and now I dislike most of them for making a mockery of straightedge by betraying it) but I can credit those bands with making me aware of a movement and a name for what I already believed wholeheartedly."
"On the subject of those old bands, fuck them.  When these old bands full of sellout members reform to make a quick buck playing songs they don't believe in any more we shouldn't be supporting them.  Even if you truly love Youth of Today, Project X or Bold's music we should not be supporting these guys. I have heard a ton of times that Seventh Dagger is just trying to make money off of straightedge, well there is the real people trying to make money off of straightedge. They don't believe a word they are singing and we are lining up to pay them for betraying what we hold so dear."  
OK so if you want to read the rest of this very interesting interview you should check it out here. And remember kids, it takes guts to criticize that which everyone else sucks up to just to be cool and fit in.


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