Friday, December 10, 2010

Suicidal Tendencies "Come Alive" and some news

It's time to hit the road and leave Athens for two weekend shows with My Turn... I'm excited, even though work stays behind and I will have to pay on Sunday. I guess this is what hardcore is about, you put everything at stake just to travel with a bunch of loud dudes and play for 30 minutes. But there is something in this which keeps me alive, and to go up there and crank the amp up to 10 and go crazy is something that I really love and can't give up! Speaking of being 'alive', here is the new "Come Alive"  video by Suicidal Tendencies (from the new record) which has been rocking my world lately! These guys are the biggest inspiration in this kind of stuff. Enjoy people!

My favorite part is at 0:35, when Cyco Miko says "I will take you for a ride"... This is pure, simple craziness! And we come alive!

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