Thursday, December 30, 2010

Songs That Rocked The Place: the 'Hazard brings on the "Punishment".

Hey everyone! Welcome to the last post for 2010 and this new section of TYS entitled Songs that Rocked the Place. Within this new section, we will be taking a look at great songs from the past (90s, 80s, whatever) that made an impact on the world through hardcore. We're talking about the stuff that the older dudes will surely remember, while the newer kids kind of need to know if they haven't discovered that shit already. We will also be taking a quick look at the context behind the songs, the bands that made them etc.

We'll close up shop for 2010 in an epic way, with the absolute hardcore classic "Punishment" by 90s hardcore/metal kings, Biohazard. It comes off the 1992 "Urban Discipline", for some Biohazard's best record ever. A lot of people will never recognize Biohazard as a hardcore band and focus on the fact they were a mainstream band (signed on Roadrunner, Warner and all those $$$ labels). These people should just chill out and see the fact that, at this point in time, Biohazard was nothing else but 4 young hard dudes from NYC who played heavy, groovy NYHC. Check the song out for yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. Give Biohazard some credit!

OK so the video was an absolute classic back in the day. It featured frequently on the Headbanger's Ball show on MTV, which I waited for to start around 02:00 am, pressed REC and then jumped in bed so I could watch it the next day (Friday) after school. The first time I saw this video, and I think I must have been an instantly hooked.

So what about the hardcore history lesson behind this video? Well I think that this type of mid-tempo, heavy hardcore style (yes, with rap elements) really set the style for 90s hardcore and all the heavy-ass shit that was about to follow in the next years. At this point, if you wanted to say you played hardcore, you needed a lot of attitude to back it up and these guys just had it. Hardcore and badass attitude have gone together for a long time ever since--you could kind of blame Biohazard!
Bringin on the punishment like no other

Also... can you spot all the well known hardcore dudes from the 90s NYHC scene? I never knew before, but I've just spotted Merauder, Skarhead, 25 Ta Life and VOD members. What the hell, this is some cool shit! This is a great song, enjoy it with the great lyrics & video!

Oh, and happy 2011!

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