Monday, December 20, 2010

Promoe - Straight Edge Hip Hop from the Long Distance Runner

It's no shame to admit that documenting the straight edge hip hop movement is definitely within the scope of this blog. This movement represents a lot of what I love about straight edge and its philosophy, but blends it in nicely with a more chilled musical approach--which at the same time I find to be extremely fun and addictive to listen to. You don't have to be straight edge (or even a huge rap fan) to enjoy this music and even learn a thing or two from its intense social and political message. From what I've seen, the core kids dig the power of intellect, thought provoking hip hop. After all, we should not forget how much it has in common with our own background!

So Promoe is another one of those straight edge (and vegan) rappers out there around the world pushing on with the most positive, yet rebellious message in the globe today. This dude is actually pretty well known as a rapper (but maybe not as an intense vegan/sXe personality) from his career with the famous crew Looptroop Rockers. He kicks it up rapping in both his native language, Swedish, and in English. To be honest, I don't think anyone can understand he's not American, as his rapping is practically flawless and with a crystal clear english accent. The things he says in his raps are just inspirational, with a force to change lives and influence people, not just entertain them.
It's definitely important (and rare) to be cool and keep it chill while representing a positive cause. It's easy to fall into the lame condescending type category. Aren't we all feed up of being patronized and aren't we here because we hate it? But Promoe isn't like that. Like a new age, funky straight edge prophet, he manages to escape all these traps and come out unharmed. All he does is blend a lot of the good stuff together, making pure, unadulterated, 'organic' straight edge hip hop for everyone to listen to.

However, I don't think he can be confined by terms like straight edge. He's been active for many years in the worldwide hip hop scene, releasing one good album after the other and taking it to the stage in front of people who have never heard of straight edge. I don't think there are many artists who've got this level of power, intensity and coolness out there today! Enjoy Promoe!

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