Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hardcore Christmas (It's Not Really Xmas)

A bit of a punk Xmas is all we need!
And so it's Christmas, Take Your Shot would like to wish you all the best!

I know very well that in hardcore/punk circles, Christmas is usually understood as a solely commercial thing, which isn't very far from the truth, really. However, I've found that a good way to stay happy is to sometimes follow through with what the rest of the world is doing, but do in your own special, unique way. In other words, for people like us Xmas might be awesome because we celebrate it by listening to our favorite hardcore records and/or chilling with our friends. For the rest of the world, it might be just about the usual consuming craze, which leaves them empty and depressed, and with PVDS (Post Vacation Depression Syndrome--ha ha!).

It's easy to make this the best Xmas ever! Enjoy this video from TYS pop punk favorites, MxPx!

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