Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hardcore Personalities - Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg

While subtitling an X Games motocross episode a few days ago, I came across this pretty crazy dude who is the feauture of today's hardcore personalities article. It is no other than Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg, the  notorious freestyle motocross rider whose crazy lifestyle and even crazier riding brings him to our attention. Some of you may wonder what a motocross rider has to do with hardcore, but for us 'hardcore' is not just about the music, but also the people. So what if Stenberg doesn't listen to hardcore? He as a personality is way more hardcore than most people in hardcore music dare to be.

Jeremy Stenberg was born in 1981 in San Diego, California, and has been riding since the age of 2. He's won various competitions, but what mostly stands out is the whole mentality behind this player, who goes all out with his 'win or lose' attitude on life. He's the kind of person who when he knows he's going to lose or come second in a race, throws all his cards on the table and does everything to impress the crowd with crazy tricks and of the hook behavior inside the terrain.  He's had  some severe injuries (like breaking both legs doing a backside flip and spending time on a wheelchair), but he always comes back stronger. This is the kind of stuff that I find inspiring as a musician in a hardcore band and a long time fan of hardcore music.
Stenberg is also a long-time member of the equally notorious Metal Mulisha team. He does everything he can to uphold the in your face, don't care attitude that these guys represent through FMX (freestyle motocross). What I really like about kids like Stenberg is that even though they have a background of rockstar behavior that is all eccentric and everything, they are ussually really hard-working dudes who eveolve day by day and really care for what they do. Maybe they really are extreme sports bad boys and whatever, but you can bet that these dudes (or at least the ones who leave a memorable impression) have a really strong driving force in them and are always out there looking for #1.

What I'm getting at is that many people out there have the impression that most of these riders, skaters etc are usually just lazy kids who get rich for doing nothing. That's so wrong! From what we see with people like Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg, the truth is that they are out there putting their ass on the line, always showing mad love for their sport, which after all is so goddamn dangerous! I wish people in HC bands were like that and had that type of commitment. All respect to Twitch and riders of his ilk, the true hardcore personalities!
"If you get hurt, you get hurt. You can't be thinking about it."

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