Thursday, August 12, 2010

When Worlds Collide: XCYPHERX, Straight Edge Hip Hop

Who said that hardcore and hip hop do not mix? I've always believed that these two cultures have kind of evolved alongside each other and have even influenced one another to a great degree. The current wave of straight edge hip hop, which is growing every day as we speak, is here to prove just that. There are bands and artists from all over the world who keep their beats tight, while spreading the hardcore and sXe message. Today we have prepared a small feauture on one of the best out there, mr. XCYPHERX!!!

One thing I can honestly say about XCypherX isthat he plays ultra-tight, funky, West Coast style hip hop in the early 90s tradition (i.e. Looniz, Snoop etc), but one thing's for sure: XCypherX does NOT rap about weed or drinking! He has an entertaining, constructive way of rapping, about staying sober and living up as large as you want, but without the bad habits that usually accompany the claim to fame. His rhymes can be a bit provocative sometimes, but I think this is a must in straight egde hip hop, as it has to be sharp, memorable and straight to the point. Inbetween the songs there are always interesting snd sometimes funny skits about straight edge.
So all I can suggest right now is that if you like clean living and you like old school hip hop, you should go and visit XCypher'sX  myspace page right away: There, you will find some cool videos with MC sompetitions, as well as direct links to most of the stuff he has released, so you can download it and listen to it for free. 

Take care, and enjoy XCypherX!!!

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