Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Death Metal Day

Today was a chill day. I accompanied good friend and TYS collaborator Mr.Rigas to Saturn (the  electronics chain store) in his search for a new ass-kicking digital camera. While he was doing his search for the best buy, I took some time to wander about and check out what they had on their detestable CDs section. It was like... pop crap, more pop crap, washed up Rock bootleg comps, Blink 182 (hmm...), 50s easy listening, meditation CDs, and then somehow I bumped into the following two death metal classics for an insanely good price:
What the hell.., Obituary in a Saturn shop? Whatever! These guys are one of the most classic death metal bands and if you ask me, sometimes they sound pretty close to heavy/brutal hardcore. Allen West is an undoubtable solid riff-making machine while studio legend Scott Burns handles all their productions, so I didn't need to learn much more.  I instantly grabbed the CD and went looking for more. And, lo and behold, this was my second discovery:
Obliteration come all the way from Norway and play brutal old school death metal like Morbid Angel and (mostly) Death. I didn't really know that until I played the CD, but the fact that they are on Tyrant Syndicate, Darkthrone's death/black metal label, made this CD a score. This is awesomely heavy and disgusting: it has brutal as hell vox, and a very old school fast/slow feel to it. No epic/majestic stuff, just straight on death metal banging!

And all this for a total of 4.99 measly euros. This is the kind of shit that makes my day! When we hopped back in the car, I ejected the Path of Resistance CD which was playing before, and placed the Obituary disc in the player... Just perfect. And so another perfect summer day rolled on! 

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