Wednesday, August 25, 2010

End of Summer - Fall's First Show!

Well... the summer holidays are pretty much over, and people are going back to work, or school, or both. But don't worry, because there are labels & people out there who are on point with awesome hardcore shows for ya, ready to cater the kids' need for brilliant hardcore music--supplying the energy boost that they need right now in these hectic times. World's Appreciated Kitsch (link) is starting the season off with this 'goodbye summer' show, which I hope you all will go to & enjoy:
I don't know a lot about Unrestrained, but I can tell you for sure that this is not the Portland, US Unrestrained band that plays militant straight edge hardcore. These guys playing on Saturday are also American, but they come from Vermont and play a more new age but still fast version of hardcore music (check 'em out here). The distortion is not on full effect and the beatdowns are replaced by discordant breaks, but it's all good. The rest of the bands are a very good selection of local hc/punk acts that will warm up things just fine. 

I personally will have to miss this show, as I am becoming a godfather (hardcore kids always take care of fam first if you ask me). But I am pretty sure that it will be a real blast, I'm  bummed to have to miss it.  I also know that people out there haven't seen a HC show for a long time and they need some action like we said above. I also hope that this will be the kick-start for a very active hardcore fall and winter, filled with shows, releases, parties, demos and all that DIY goodness that I know is out there!

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