Friday, August 27, 2010

SIN NOMBRE - A film to watch!!!

I don't know if the people who read this blog are big on films, but we at TYS surely are, and from what I have seen I believe that hardcore kids do know their flicks and actually watch more than Gangland and Lockdown (even though we love those, too!).
One of the best films I watched this summer is Sin Nombre, a pretty brutal and realistic yet beautiful film. It contains a lot of graphic violence but at the same time shows the sensitive side that even the toughest people have. Ιn other words it walks the thin line between gangster films and love stories, without one single cliche that we usually see in Hollywood films. Even thought the theme has been done before, director and writer Cary Fukunaga has crossed most cinematic lines and has made a truly exceptional and unusual film.
Sin Nombre is essentially the runaway story of a teenager couple, Casper and Sayra. Casper is running away from his own gang, while Sayra travels the long journey of realizing a dream life in the US. They meet by chance under very extreme conditions and start traveling together towards a future that seems  highly unpredictable and inevitably full of trouble. Will they make it? Is there a chance for Casper to stay alive when the odds are all against him and he is constantly being betrayed?
This is Cary Fukunaga's first film, and I can say that this guy knows how to make an chillingly interesting  and at the same time emotional film. Like I said it's not only violence, it contains many nice frames of Guatemala, Mexico and other South American places. It shows the real deal of those places, which seems to be a strong contrast of beauty and harshness. The cinematography is just great (he got an award for it), and I am pretty sure actress Paulina Gaitan will be a world acclaimed star in the future. Go watch and enjoy!!

For our Greek readers: the movie is out now on DVD under the title Χωρίς Όνομα.

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