Sunday, August 15, 2010

15th of August is a posi day

When you type posicore or positive hardcore in the Google search engine, all that comes up in Wikipedia is this:
Positive hardcore is a term used in the hardcore music scene to refer to the branch of hardcore that is socially aware or focuses on values such as being inclusive, community-oriented, and anti-violence. (link)
Is that all there really is to it? I thought it is more like a movement, filled with values that interconnect people worldwide, a scene, a reason to believe!!! Even if it is not organised into a  'proper' scene (no reason to box and commercialise an idea anyway), I think there are a lot of bands and labels out there who are fighting for a good cause, spreading the positive message, showing that hardcore is about more than fat guys with tattoos. And how it helps us grow on a personal level... Somebody go up there and write something yaaaaalllll! Let's get psyched!
Fests like that is more of what we need... everywhere! See the sign on the bottom right?

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