Monday, December 7, 2009

EVASION - Free to Roam!

This morning I was going through a bag of old zines and books, and after getting my fingers really dirty, I remembered how much I love Evasion. If you're into living free, you should read Evasion. And yes, the book itself is free, too. But let's take things from the start.

It's really hard to categorize Evasion. Is it "just" a book? Is it the person(s) behind the book? Is it a sort of movement? I for one, can't really say. I think it's probably all of the aforementioned things together.

Published as a book by Crimethinc., Evasion was originally a 100-page photocopied zine documenting the tales, philosophy and lifestyle of being a (straightedge vegan) squatter. What makes Evasion so special, however, is that it is written by a person who has actually lived that lifestyle to the extreme, and who is able to defend it with solid arguments and real-life examples.

So what is Evasion all about? Some of the themes the book goes into are traveling/squatting, freeganism and crime, as alternatives to homelessness, unemployment, poverty and worldwide society's many other ails. It takes personal action and activism to a whole new level, which is based on individualism and freedom. This book opposes boredom and negativity, being lame and uncreative while stuck in the modern slavery system of 9 to 5 . Most importantly, it shows how it can be done, and in a very compelling way. Here's a little extract from the introduction of the book:

We left behind the other kids, their path -working, drinking, and being grown up- and rejected all that made them grumpy, uncreative and lifeless. We dumpstered, squatted and shoplifted our lives back. Everything fell into place when we decided our lives were to be lived. Life serves the risk taker. [...] Some of us read all day, others chanted and held signs, some were full-time defendants. Every day, and every plan and plot were a reaffirmation that our lives were our own.

The above is just a small taste of what's about to follow in the book: tales extraordinaire, full of action, friendship, art, vandalism, philosophy, and punk rock. All that you may love about Punk and/or DIY is in this life-changing book. Even though it's been published since 2001, I urge people who haven't read Evasion to seek it out and do so... But wait a moment, you can have it for free here:

Thanks, people. Now go out there and see what you can make of your anarcho-independent-skillz!

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