Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some News and Converge's "Axe to Fall" Review

Before 2009 goes, it'd be a good chance to throw in a few reviews of records that were released  in 2009 and deserve a mention in this here blog, as they'll be too old to be included in the upcoming TYS print zine (out early 2010). I should also mention that in the next issue we won't be reviewing any records that were released in 2009 by bigger/corporate record labels, but we'll obviously still review DIY bands and labels that put out stuff during 2009, as these people get so much lesser exposure.
Converge - Axe to Fall (Epitaph/Deathwish)

-->So this new scorcher by Converge has been taunting me for a good 2 to 3 weeks now. I can't for the life of me decide whether I like this album or not. I mean, OK, before I listen to a Converge album I know it will be complex and weird as fuck, but this time I admit I was caught a bit off guard!
      -->To say that Converge play a chaotic mix of metalcore and post metal would be generalizing, as there are so many different musical elements incorporated into this album. I don't even know if any labels fit. I mean it flows from extreme and complex to dark and chilled and then all over again! Yet, this is Converge's most "universally acclaimed" album somehow, and could go down easy with any fan of extreme music.  It brings a  bit of Neurosis and Cave In (members of both bands appear on the recordings), so you can imagine that's it's a lot gloomier and more progressive.
      -->What is hardcore about this album?, you might ask. I guess it all comes down to the approach the band takes towards their music. They can really call this album their own, as they self-produce their records, make their own cover artwork, bring in lots of acclaimed musicians in the recording etc. Also, they always take many good hardcore bands as support acts with then on tour, and have their own (mainly) hardcore label, Deathwish Inc.
        -->As for me, well I think I'll stick to the more straightforward and hardcore stuff, but I'll throw this disc in when I'm in the mood for some progressive weird hardcore shit!

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