Monday, December 14, 2009


Date: 19th Decempber 2009
Place: An Club (
Price: 12 euros
Time: Doors open at 21:00, Show strarts at 21:30
Pre-Sale: No sir, just go straight at the door (or contact World's Appreciated Kitsch)
Organizer: World's Appreciated Kitsch (
Taste The Floor -
Do Something Now -
I Want You Dead -
Against All Odds -
Inhuman Poison - (no website) 
One good thing about Christmas is the  increase of shows, as people have more free time to make it to the shows, as well as the fact that so many people travel back into Athens for the holidayz. You could say there is an influx of hardcore kids and punks, and what better chance can you have to get together, than a Hardcore show taking place in the very middle of the city, and undoubtedly its most classic Punk venue, the An Club.

So this is the 3rd continuous year  for Positively Positive Hardcore Fest (taking the name from a Good Clean Fun song) , which seems to grow into a bit of an institution over the years : a  DIY Hardcore mini-fest that takes place  around the Xmas period, kind of just before the year ends.This year is the most 'Greek' one so far, with  just one foreign band (Italy's Taste The Floor) and 4 Greek ones.

* Taste The Floor are headlining the fest with their blend of fast fast fast HCpunk in the vein of  Scholastic Death, Vitamin X and DS-13. An unusual band to book for Greek standards, as opposed to the more metalcore or melodycore choices promoters usually take. Nice one! Let's hear some fast thrash and chug some green tea before moshing!

* Do Something Now! is a relatively new band, but they're coming out strong as they contain members who are active in the scene for years, most notably Apostolis from WAK who also organizes this very fest. Their sound is a mix of hardcore/punk with some rock'n'roll elements.

* I Want You Dead from Patra will bring it with some dark and heavy Hardcore. Comparisons to Integrity and Terror have been drawn, so... it should be good! Looking forward to their show as they contain members from that amazing streetcore band, the Oilers, let alone a friend who I haven't seen in a long time.

* Against All Odds have been around for a good couple of years, playing a lot of live shows and delivering a solid brand of old school hardcore with a street-flavored touch. A down-to-basics Hardcore band, and that's the way it should be!

* Finally, brand-new band Inhuman Poison will make their first appearance ever on-stage. It would be nice to give them a round of applause as they'll be breaking the ice. They play a mix of different styles (Tragedy and Comeback Kid are mentioned together in the press release!), so it should be pretty interesting... Therefore go to the show early!

It's fucking cool to have small fests like these. It's a good time to get together and meet with friends old and new, have a few beers or just keep it clean and have a rocking good time moshing. We'll be reviewing a couple more shows that are coming down the line until the new year arrives, so bear with us..!

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