Wednesday, December 16, 2009

VODKA JUNIORS - The Dark Show - Live 18th Dec 2009

True to their fans and their annual Xmas  meeting, the Vodka Jrs will hit the stage @ Gagarin this Friday, 18th December, for a night of punk rock mayhem!

Being what I believe the best Greek punk rock band to date, the Vodka Juniors have developed the habit of delivering a hell of a show every time they play. Laid-back attitudes, drunken smiles and a mad mosh-pit should be expected amongst the attendants!

This particular show, entitled The Dark Show, should be a bit of a surprise, as the band always has something new up its sleeve. So will it be a big party like most of their shows, or will it be more of a mellow night influenced by their last record Dark Poetry? I guess nobody knows, apart from VJ... so, like my grandma always sayz, just B THERE FOLKS!
Price: 8 euros
Place: Gagarin Club
Doors Open @ 21.30
Pre-sale: Rhythm Records Shop

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