Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post for 2010 - Skarhead's DFF video!

Happy New Year everybody! 2010 kick-starts a lot of action, with a number of concerts lined up here in Athens, as well as many expected releases. TYS will be quite busy, too. We've got a few things in the making, and the new issue should  hit the streets around March (if not earlier). Until then, we'll be distributing some shit, mainly punk DIY press (books, fanzines etc), and some CDs/tapes from friend labels. Here I should mention that if you've got a fanzine and you're interested in distributing or getting it featured here, you should get in contact via our email address (takexyourxshot at yahoo dot com). OK, I think that's nuff newz for one time :) Keep checking back and good luck in 2010! Peace out
SKARHEAD - "D.F.F" video
What better way to start the 2010 blogging than with a cool video? Here's an already classic by NY thugcore giants Skarhead. It's a nice video. If you think it is all macho bogus tough guy shit, I'd strongly suggest you take a chill pill and loosen up with the politically correct stuff. Danny Diablo, the mastermind behind Skarhead is in my opinion a true hardcore icon! So here it is, Skarhead: Drink Fuck and Fight from their latest output on I Scream Records out now!

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