Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newz on T.Y.S. #4

So the vacations (and post-vacation syndromes) are finally gone and everyone is back to working mode. Good! For us too it's time to get really busy with our next issue (#4, out on March). We've been receiving some really cool -and much needed- contributions by all kinds of people from all kinds of places , and I can't stress how important this is for T.Y.S. It's all about cooperation! So thanks to the people who have sent us stuff so far, and keep it coming yall!

We' ve decided the next issue is going to have a theme and  it's going to be a street-graffiti- NY hardcore aesthetic issue. We just intend to make it old-school looking, and full of rad artwork! We're having some real graffiti artists doing their thing, and even I, Fotis TYS, will have a humble attempt to revive my skills. I'm just remembering growing up in the 90s, when Hardcore music, graffiti (and urban culture in general) were colliding to create a new thing.. It's all changed now, if you've noticed, I mean people now have healthfood and ear-plugs in their backpacks instead of spray cans and markers. I'm not saying it's wrong; just different.

TYS #4 will be a salute to how we grew up : listening to tapes, talking about bands hanging out at the square, having no shows to go to, no Internet. I still believe in that sh*t. Last week, I was caught by a lady writing on a wall. Ended up having a 1/2 hour chat with her about life and anti-conformism. It's what it's all about.

Images taken from Core 77 and Lifespy

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