Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The music, the message #2

First of all let's just say sorry for the inertia of the last couple of weeks, and let us make it absolutely clear that there will be an outburst of activity with this site in the next few days. It's just that we've been bust as fuck with our personal commitments (unfortunately in this game, you gotta make some dough of you want to publish a good zine); but also, we've placed more weight on organizing the actual print zine, and there's so much energy going in to that, so in turn sometimes other things are placed on the backseat for a week or so.

BUT we do have a new section to add in this blog, it's called "Hardcore Personalities" and basically it will be about major figures in the Hardcore scene, people that have influenced Hardcore in a big way and most of us know about already, but with a little bit of extra research and maybe some unknown facts about them. Obviously it will not be about what kind of shampoo Ray Cappo uses or that kind of crap, because for TYS it's all about two simple things: the music and the message so that's what we focus on!

So keep checking back y'all, and keep rocking the good music!

Super old school image taken from brooklybodega.com!

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