Monday, November 30, 2009

Delinquent Habits - Live @ Bios 28.11.09

The Delinquent Habits must be up there in the hall of fame of hip-hop bands, not only for establishing their own brand of Latin-influenced hip-hop, but also for maintaining a solid presence for over 15 years!

Their show last Saturday (28.11) totally justified their reputation as party animals and good entertainers. Starting only about 10 minutes after Knackleboul's set (the support act, hip-hop and beatbox from Switzerland), Delinquent Habits took no prisoners and marched straight into a set of funky-sounding yet streetwise hip-hop. It was cool to see them so energetic on stage, supporting what is possibly their best album to date, entitled The Common Man. One thing's for sure: they definitely have a lot to offer in today's saturated hip-hop industry which is all about the money etc.

Ives Irie and the gang blew the crowd away with a series of hits old and new, only stopping every now and then to drink tequila and talk to the crowd. Countless shots were handed out to the crowd (a straight edger's nightmare), while the beats and the rhymes were landing on our heads one after the other.

A band that has gone around and sold so much could easily behave like hip-hop superstars (which they are anyways), but that wasn't the case with the 3 Deliquentes: what we saw was a bunch of honest dudes doing their thing, and then selling their own CDs after the show, talking with the crowd and signing autographs. Even the speech that Ives gave towards the end of the show, about leaving the commercial BS outside and being thankful for having a community to belong to, was straight from the heart.

So make sure you find the new CD The Common Man so you can party your way through it! It's some 43 minutes of straightforward hip-hop action.

CREDS: pic 1 taken @ Marsatac Festival, Marseille by anonymous--pic 2 by Lucas Maeder. Both pics off the band's official Myspace Website.

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