Saturday, November 14, 2009

Live Show: No Turning Back, Eden Demise, Tardive Dyskinesia

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Place: An Club (
Price: 12 euros
Time: 21:30
Pre-Sale: Nope, just go straight at the door.
Organizer: World's Appreciated Kitsch (

If you listen to Hardcore, you probably know who No Turning Back is: one of the most-hard-hitting, but also most hard-working Hardcore bands in the world! Coming from Holland, they have nothing less compared to the big US bands that make the way. So it's definitely a pleasure to see them again in Athens! Last year their show was amazing: nice long set full of mosh, good vibes, nice merch... All good!

Eden Demise hails from Athens and I couldn't think of a better support choice for NTB. With their NY-influenced metallic Hardcore, they will definitely be IN THERE, wrecking shit with their beatdowns and thugcore/hip-hop approach!

When you go to a show and the 1st band is opening, things are pretty slow. Well, this won't be the case with Tardive Dyskinesia and their crazed bulldozing mathcore! Sounding like the heaviest Hardcore band but just about X10 more technical, they deliver the goods and leave you wandering WTF?
All in all, this is a proper Hardcore show and it seems like everything is set for a good turn out, and a fun time for Hardcore fans! Proving that Hardcore is better, and heavier, gigs like this are just the evidence that this style of music is alive and kicking in this m/f country!!!

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