Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 2009 update!

So.. 2008 & 2009 were 2 really a slow years for Take Your Shot! But we're back!

To be honest I personally never ever considered this mag dead, maybe more like a project that had been been stuck in the freezer for a while. What's important though, is that T.Y.S. is officially back on the map, and shit's about to seriously bust!

We've started working on the new issue, which is definitely not going to be just Hardcore music. In the last few years, musical horizons have been somewhat broadened, and I think it's definitely worth it to present more stuff than just HC. Not that T.Y.S will turn all MTV-like (as if), just that there will be other styles of music featured, as long as they are something we @ T.Y.S can dig.

Of course we're still interested in new and/or unsigned bands from everywhere, so please send all your demos and CDRs and all that, to the address written on the blog's information next to this column you're reading. We'll definitely hear that shit and feature it on the next mag or even here on this blog.

This web-page will also be more active. Many record, band, and label reviews/interviews will be posted here on a frequent basis, so keep checking back! I think we'll have some of the most interesting, energetic, thought provoking music going on here, so as Ice-Cube says, check yo self!

Take Your Shot is back!



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