Saturday, November 28, 2009

Faithreat - "Back To The Pit" album review

I don’t think I’ve heard another Greek Thrashcore band, let alone a Greek band with good lyrics and a positive message!

That’s how Faithreat goes out; Fast and straight to the point, no messing about whatsoever! And these fellas don’t beat about the bush musically: you get your first mosh -break just on 0:19 of the first song, while John (the singer) proudly yells: Thrash for yourself, not for your fucking sponsor! How cool is that?

Also, let’s make sure this is not your mama’s Municipal Waste. OK, maybe some similarities can be drawn, but Faithreat is not in the copy-cat band category, as they owe more to DRI and even the Haunted (!) than they do to the aforementioned band. I can hear a lot of Slayer-ic guitar harmonies, which rules, of course, but also a definite two-step Hardcore sound (i.e. breaks, mosh-parts) that changes the whole game. After all, some of these guys used to play in the defunct all-school Hardcore band Disharmonic, so you could say they have cut their teeth doing this Hardcore s*it.

I have to give props for the very good production sound, which is really fat and you can hear everything. For example, the double-bass pedal with its modest but very effective use!

What I liked more about this album is the way certain words or phrases are spat in a spoken-word style over the music, kind of like.. Youth of Today, or Gorilla Biscuits maybe!? You know, phrases that have an extra meaning and stand out, and push the whole song forward. It's nice to hear a heartfelt posi quote while having your face melted by the extra-distorted bass! This is the type of s*it that makes exceptional bands. Moreover, the lyrics are simple, sincere, positive on the whole, and with something that comes out as an honest worry for this world, nature, wars etc. You know how it shows when some people just say it, while others truly mean it, and I firmly believe that Faithreat falls into the second category.

Out collectively by the following labels: (Self Abuse Records) (Athens Thrash Attack Label) (True To The Game Records) (World's Appreciated Kitsch Records)

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