Monday, February 27, 2012

TERROR "The New Blood" Video (Guest Vox by Toby Morse)

Terror is a band that needs no introduction in hardcore circles or fanzines like this. They are arguably the most popular hardcore band of recent times, and one of the very few bands that keep hardcore simple and represent its core (sic) values. In fact, this is exactly what the new song "The New Blood" talks about: hardcore in its purest form and the solid, life-saving impact it can have on one's life. The song is a mid-tempo schorcher which includes guest vocals by none other than H2O's Toby Morse. Enjoy the video, and visit Reaper Records for more info on Terror and many other back to basics hardcore acts!

Coming to think of it (and after watching "The New Blood" several times), it seems like this video is a good educational clip for people who want to know more about hardcore music and its roots. If you don't know the bands featured throughout this video, it's a good place to start doing some homework. If you do, well... feel proud and play those classics fucking loud!

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