Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potergeist Interview - Pantera, Badass Attitude & Big Fucking Riffs

Potergeist is one of the more notorious, up and coming Greek metal bands of today. They have been on the trenches for a good while, blasting that mean southern/groove metal and gaining more followers with each and every day. TxYxS zine would like to thank Alex (of Wish Upon a Star) for setting up this interview.

OK let's start from the latest news; you got an album full of chunky riffs and southern metal attitude. How was it received in Greece and elsewhere? How did you promote it other than playing local live shows? Well our first album Southwards was well received worldwide and helped us make a name for ourselves. I think it sold out all its copies and since our then label exist no more it has become a collectors item so if you have it keep it, hahahahaha! Unfortunately we didn t promote it outside greece because we had problems with the band members so we are happy it went so well in countries like Japan and UK since we never played there. Our new album Muddy Mermaids will be out in April so we will have to wait and see how it goes.

You obviously have a love for Pantera, Down etc. What made you guys want to play this kind of music? Does it represent some kind of values or attitude for you? To be fair Pantera is the word "love" in my dictionary and yes you can hear some Pantera here and there in our music. We are big fans of them and they changed the way we compose and play music in various levels, nothing more nothing less.

What do you have to say to the metal dudes who used to give this music shit and now are all over it and praising it, with the rise of doom/stoner metal and all? Well metal is the music we play, but being a not so open-minded metalhead when i was a kid makes me understand that anything that is not metal metal - if you know what i mean - is just weird to your ears and you reject it. I'm glad all this has changed know.

How do you see the Greek scene in 2012? Do you think a fair level of success is possible for heavy bands or do they have to set their eyes abroad (tours, foreign record labels etc)? Cds are dead my friend and so are labels. Ok it helps if you are in a good label but gigs is what you must do and yes you must play your music live outside your country. The Greek scene gets bigger day by day and success comes for many bands so keep an eye.

Would you ever pursue a full-time music career if you had the chance, meaning that you would have to drop everything else in life? I really don t know, and the promoters and music labels worldwide know this and that is why they don't invest in Greek bands that much. I guess we are not raised to see music as a job but more like a hobby.

Tell us a few things about what you do in everyday life. What do you find interesting in life (apart from music, of course)? Well we work in shitty jobs we have fun getting wasted with our friends we go to gigs we are still big time fans of bands and concerts chill with our girls. The usual stuff everybody does i guess.

What has been the high time of playing with Potergeist? I know you've played with some notable hardcore and metal bands, but is there something in particular you want to mention? Playing with Monster Magnet was something big and generally meeting your idols up close and sharing the stage with them is a lifetime experience. Memories to take with you to grave you know.

Speaking of "high times", there is some obvious sort of connection between the band's name and smoking weed!? Do you think weed is an integral part of Potergeist? Ok we are potheads and yes the weed is our sixth member, hahahahaha! But don t tell anyone ok?Hahahahaha!we respect the same those who smoke and those who don t so i guess it is something that just happened to be this way. Hahahaha! What a question damn!

Which Pantera record is your favorite and why? Also, is Anselmo the main man or is there some other singers and frontmen you think are awesome and influential? No way i can answer that question. All Pantera records are what music is all about and how it should be played. No Pantera = no modern sounding metal and that is that, period. Jesse Leech is the other god front man.

Who is the best guitarist in your opinion for the style of music you play (from all of doom, stoner, southern, swamp metal)? Pepper and Matt Pike if you ask me not shreders but fucking great composers man.

OK, close this interview by telling some things about your current plans for the future (records, live shows, other plans). Let us know of any bands you want to mention or other cool stuff in general. Thanks for your time and watch out for our new album out april by distroball productions, watch out for Potergeist on tour this september and some local gigs like the one on the 6th of april with our good friends Harsh Demise @ Six Dogs. Check out Stonebringer for they will be next big thing... enjoy the pot!

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