Friday, February 24, 2012

The Switchblade Saints - "State of War" video

The Switchblade Saints is a German rapsy-voiced Street/Core combo who sings about topics that focus on war and the apocalypse. This has to sound good, right? Of course it does. OK, well this band takes a while to get used to cause they play a pretty basic form of that street rock n roll formula, but after a couple of repeated listens the cathciness and infectiousness of their sound starts to grow on you. Playing this on top volume takes your mind to some forgotten dive at the ugly side of the town, where you can just smell the beer-soaked wood and the blood from the fight that just broke out.

Let's face it: Isn't that what we are looking for when we're after some good rock n roll? The attittude, the dirty buzzsaw guitars, the desperate singing. The feeling like it's your last night on earth. Luckily, the Switchblade Saints have all of that. Street-flavored HC etc is not something I play every day at home, but this is a band that I can surely dig. I don't care if they are shooting for wider recognition or whatever; I enjoy the sound and this band brings to mind the much loved Street Rock that Burning Heart, I Scream, People Like You etc released in the late 90s, so yeah -- I dig!

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