Monday, September 5, 2011


I will admit that the majority of the stuff I listen to is kinda violent, or at least intense in one way or another. However I try to keep an open mind and go for other styles of music every now and then, I mean it is always good to have different stuff in your record collection, and a wide palette of music to choose from so to speak.

Bands like This Murder of Angels come and fill that gap in my musical knowledge in a very efficient and refreshing way. They play a style of music that shares equal influences from pop, post hardcore, black metal, prog and even a dose of classical music. This may sound weird but when you actually hear Wake, everything sounds right in place and you can start getting into those chunky post metal grooves.

These Scottish dudes have created a new style in which they are not afraid to go all soft and then come back with hellish screams, thick-layered guitars and prog metal drums. I guess they do pretty much whatever they like, and this is something that I totally respect in a band.

I can imagine myself playing this on a variety of occasions, not when I want to mosh but when I'm feeling a bit down, when I want to go on thinking mode, when I read a book or even when I chill with someone who can't handle too much hardcore or metal. This is very progressive, very clever music and I am glad that a band like this would care to approach a hardcore fanzine like Take Your Shot. So, in the name of Unity, hardcore, metal, post-hardcore, whatever... let's go!

UPs: complex, thick layered instrumentation with a wide range of influences to stretch and test our musical knowledge.

DOWNs: Not enough heaviness and maybe too much piano/keyboards.

LOWDOWN: Very progressive but also catchy post metal with awesome vocals and and an artistic, almost theatrical feel. Not yer mama's Deftones, but an original band!

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