Friday, September 23, 2011

Featured Band: Denial Fiend - Deathly Thrashed into a Horror Holocaust

Simply put, Denial Fiend is a bunch of crazy fuckers who destroy the world with their awesomely evil death/thrash metal. I mean we all listen to a lot of metal and hardcore and whatnot, but every now and then we find a band that really stands apart due to its heaviness/originality, and Denial Fiend seem to have both of these factors in check. Also, if you are sick and tired of hearing a certain Municipal Waste come up whenever the term "thrash" is mentioned, maybe it is a good idea to start supporting these fellows here.

Denial Fiend packs a ton of energy and has that extreme death thrash sound that was forsaken somewhere in the annals of extreme music history. They have the excessive double bass drum use and the sick guitar riffs, but they also manage to keep it extreme, catchy and fun. Because we should let it be known that when we say thrash, we mean something heavy and extreme and not just sped up punk with stupid lyrics and no shock value. So remove the beer/party thrash punk from your mind and get into the real, original, evil thrash about death and destruction!

We should also mention that the song posted above from new album Horror Holocaust features Denial Fiend's new singer, who is no other than the legendary Accused's Blaine Cook. For an even heavier, more guttural Denial Fiend, check the band's older album They Rise.


  1. heavier more guttural, that is definitely the truth! you want heavy and really grooving riffs? check out Curt Beeson's new band SINGOD they destroy the new Denial Fiend disc!

  2. haha. Singod is terrible. Unless you like generic barking over some warmed-over, 2nd rate Pantera reject riffs.