Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead Icons: Kentucky Hardcore!!!

I don't know much about Kentucky in relation to hardcore (or metal), aside from the fact that it has spawned an awesome, hard as nails HC band called Dead Icons. These guys play heavy, metal tinged hardcore which resembles the good old 90s stuff in many ways. If bands like Cro Mags, Allegiance and Terror say anything to you, then CHECK THIS OUT!

The band has signed with Bullet Tooth Records (ex- Trustkill) and is now on the roster with many other great acts like Most Precious Blood (modern HC pioneers), First Blood (SXE HC mosh), Kid Liberty (HC-pop punk) among others.

All it takes is one listen and you'll be convinced that these guys are the real deal. I am so tired of bands that are supposed to play hardcore and actually don't play it; I want more bands like Dead Icons, that make me wanna go crazy, make me wanna go nuts and live thus hardcore shit like I've only just begun!

You can also hit the link and read a nice Dead Icons interview with Lambgoat and make sure to listen to the song below.

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