Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DEAD END PATH - Stay Up, Stay Active: Pennsylvania Metallic Hardcore

As long as there are bands like Dead End Path out there, I WILL NOT lose faith in hardcore music. DEP play heavy metallic hardcore which is equally influenced by Ringworm as it is by Slayer. They have a few recordings out, including a self-released demo, an EP and a full length (released in 2011) on Triple B Records.

These Pennsylvania dudes pack a ton of aggression in their sound, and have a heavy duty frontman that will make most hardcore emo screamers of today go running back to mommy! DEP also hits you in the face with harsh reality lyrics and songs with titles like "Turn Cold" and "No Paradise". This is dark, negative hardcore that somehow makes you feel good! And that, my friends, is a rule of heavy music!

Even though the band has kind of progressed to a somewhat cleaner sound on their new full length Blind Faith (a better and more professional recording being the main reason), they have kept the underground feeling that makes a good hardcore band, as well as the extremity of their early recordings.

Check out their awesome tumblr site:

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