Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wise Words from Lou Dibella (Sub Zero)

A lot of hardcore fans know Lou Dibella as the singer of the pivotal NYHC band, Sub Zero. Their 1997 album Happiness Without Peace is an epic of 90s New York Hardcore and an essential record for every fan's collection. Lou also sang for Skarhead (in Kings at Crime) and various other hardcore rap and metal/hardcore acts. His distinct vocal style and dark, yet thoughtful and positive lyrics became a trademark which  reached its perfection with the classic song Lionhearted. In 2009 Lou finally disbanded Sub Zero, after a 20 year-long course in the worldwide underground hardcore scene, and a cult name that will be remembered forever. Lou is also known as the Cancer Killah, because he managed to beat a case of terminal cancer in the midst of his succesful career. The aforementioned Lionhearted song is Lou's report of his successful bout with death.

Just the other day, I was reading an interview of Lou with, which is very interesting and you should definetely check out if you're into the history of NYHC (and why not worldwide) Hardcore. I have pasted a small but also very cool and interesting excerpt of Lou explaining about PMA (positive mental attitude) in relation to his illness. Read, and remember...

"One of the most important things to remember in a situation like this is to always keep that (like the BAD BRAINS say), keep that PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Because PMA is half the battle man. Your mind is a very powerful tool that is capable of so many unimaginable things. It most definitely has the power to heal all sorts of wounds, whether they be mental, physical or in my case and in the case of many little kids and old people, TERMINAL. Keep your head up. It will take you further. I've seen many come in and die in the hospital because of their attitudes towards the situation. I know it's hard, but it's that or your life. Ahh, I'm gonna die, I can't do this and what not.....that's bullshit man. If you think like that, then for sure you have NO chance. If you at least try to think positive, you will have 50% more of a chance to make it for sure. And for those that didn't make it, but went down least they went with integrity. I sing about this in our song LION HEARTED. Bless them all."

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